This web based application not only bridges Tekbox RTU with 3rd party IoT platforms but can also be used for monitoring purpose.

This is an optional service that aims to speed up the integration of TEKBOX RTUs into 3rd party IoT platforms.

For LoRaWAN RTU (TBS12B, TBS12S and TBSL1/RFB-LoRa) packets are collected from the LoRaWAN server and for the cellular version (TBSL1/RFB-4G) packets are directly retrieved over the MQTT interface. Automatic export functions over FTP or MQTT can be configured resulting in the export of JSON data and meta-data files.

Thanks to their comprehensive tags based structures, these JSON file can be easily manipulated by any IoT platform. TEKBOX IoT broker also provides basic monitoring and graph capabilities.


  • Hosted on a Linux EC2 instance of Amazon Web Services
  • MySQL data base
  • Administrator/Distributors/Users profiles with places management
  • Import feature
  • Supported LoRaWAN servers: LorIoT over Websocket, The Things Network (TTN) over MQTT
  • Cellular: directly from the RTU over MQTT
  • Export feature: FTP and MQTT
  • Optimised data and meta-data JSON structures for an easy integration into 3rd party IoT platform.
  • Compatible with any TEKBOX Digital Solutions RTUs
  • Other Import/Export features: contact Tekbox Digital Solutions sales.


The Sensori sensor platform has a full implementation of the Tekbox IoT Broker. This means that everything which has been setup in the Tekbox IoT Broker, is reflected in the Sensori sensor platform.
When devices come online for the first time, they are automatically identified and configured complete with all parameters like device names, sensor names, sensor types, units, mins and maxes and more. Updates from the Tekbox IoT Broker also get updated into Sensori automatically. Configure once and be done!

Sensori can be reached under www.sensori.cloud and sales@3b-instruments.com