Welcome to Tekbox Digital Solutions

TekBox with its two locations in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City develops and manufactures products for environmental monitoring, agricultural yield application and test equipment for niche applications. We are focused on the SDI-12 bus standard, a solid backbone for low power, digital sensor networks. Our existing sensor, converter and telemetry portfolio is regularly optimized, customized, adapted to new requirements and expanded with new products.
Our long history of designing automotive electronics accumulated much know-how in the field of electromagnetic compatibility testing. Tools, initially built for pre-compliance testing of environmental monitoring products and automotive designs in our own lab, significantly increased our type approval success rate. Seeing a market for affordable EMC pre-compliance test equipment, we started to industrialize our tools. The satisfaction of our customers encouraged us to further expand the pre-compliance test equipment portfolio. Over the years, Tekbox became a trusted brand for EMC pre-compliance solutions and we will continue to develop and manufacture affordable tools along with useful software and application notes.

SDI-12 Products

We are offering a range of sensors for environmental and agricultural applications.Furthermore we offer a comprehensive range of converters to integrate conventional sensors into SDI-12 sensor networks.

We are continuously working on expanding our sensor and converter portfolio.

EMC Pre-Compliance products

Our design activities have been confronting us with the importance of carrying out EMC pre-compliance testing in house. The EMC pre-compliance test equipment, originally designed to be used in our own lab, served us very well. Consequently we decided to industrialize it and the positive response from our customers encouraged us to set up a business division focusing on development and manufacturing of affordable EMC pre-compliance test equipment and software. Expect to see a continuous expansion of this product range.