TBSRB01 4 CHANNEL SDI-12 Controlled Latching Relay & Timer

The TBSRB01 is a 4 channel relay board with SDI-12 interface. The board is equipped with Schrack latching relays to achieve very low power consumption for application in solar and battery powered systems. A short current pulse is sufficient to toggle the switching contacts of the relay.
The switching contacts can be set and queried through SDI-12 commands. An on board RTC offers independent timer functionality for each channel. The relays can be switched independently or simultaneously.



  • 4 channel relay board
  • Latching relays, Schrack RT424F05
  • Contacts: ON/OFF
  • Contact rating: 250V AC, max 400V AC /8A
  • RTC timer, 2 channels
  • SDI-12 Standard V1.3
  • Plug and play
  • 6 – 16V supply voltage
  • Low power consumption
  • available in DIN Rail or IP67 Fibox housing
  • Operating Temperature Range: – 40°C … + 85°C


  • Irrigation
  • SDI-12 Sensor Networks