TBSPT8 SDI-12 8-CHANNEL PT100PT1000 Interface

The TBSPT8-DR is a precision 8 – channel PT100/PT1000 interface. Measurement and configuration is controlled via SDI-12 commands. The interface is equipped with 4-wire inputs, matched noise filters, surge- and over voltage protection.
To achieve high precision, the TBSPT8-DR is calibrated to an absolute accuracy of ±0.02°C at 0°C, using a ±0.005%, ± 2ppm/°C  resistance standard.
The device has a resolution of 0,001°C and a temperature drift less than ±0,01°C over the temperature range -40°C to + 80°C.  Noise is ±0,0015°C when used with PT1000 sensors and ±0,01°C when used with PT100 sensors.
The device can output the measurement results in °Celsius or °Fahrenheit.



  • Precision, 4-wire PT100/PT1000 interface
  • 8 measurement channels
  • Resolution: 0.001°C
  • Noise: ± 0.0015°C (PT1000)
  • Absolute accuracy at 0°C: ± 0.02°C
  • Measurement range: -80°C to +300°C
  • Temperature drift: < ± 0.01°C
  • Configurable measurement units: °C, °Fahrenheit
  • Surge- and over voltage protection
  • SDI – 12 standard V1.3
  • Plug and play
  • 6 – 16V supply voltage
  • 115 mm x 90 mm x 57mm
  • Din-rail housing
  • Operating temperature range: – 40°C … + 85°C


  • Environmental monitoring
  • SDI-12 sensor networks