EMCview PC software for EMC pre-compliance testing

The Tekbox EMC compliance software EMCview for PCs is a user friendly EMC pre-compliance testing of radiated and conducted emissions. It is a perfect complement for automated testing using our LISNs and TEM Cells.

A built in amplitude correction enables correction and conversion coefficients for cables, amplifiers, attenuators, LISNs, TEM cells, antennas, RF current probes, striplines and capacitive coupling clamps.

There is no need for a time consuming setup. The SW is ready for measurements straight after installation. All emission related CISPR-xx (EN550xx) measurements and a few automotive manufacturer standards are pre-configured in corresponding project files.

The graph supports two complete measurement runs such as for example Average / Quasi-Peak or Peak / Quasi Peak and alternatively a fast Quasi-Peak scan of critical peaks.

EMCview currently supports spectrum analyzers from Rigol and Siglent. The spectrum analyzer should also be equipped with the EMI option. Support for other spectrum analyzer manufacturers will be added in future SW versions.

Soon to come: support for R&S Spectrum Analyzers

NOTE: Software limitation without license: the measurement is limited to the frequency range below 10MHz


  • numerous pre-configured project files for CISPR-xx (EN550xx) emission measurements
  • Graph supports two complete measurement runs, same as in test house
  • fast Quasi-Peak scan of critical peaks, immune to frequency drift of the selected peaks
  • configurable limit lines and segment files
  • configurable correction files for cable, LISN, amplifier, antenna etc.
  • configurable margins for the identification and selection of critical peaks
  • supports import and overlaying of reference measurements for comparison purpose
  • linear or logarithmic frequency axis
  • automatic creation of test reports
  • many import/export-functions


  • in house measurement of EMC behavior during product design phase
  • EMC training in lab, school and university
  • pre-compliance test of products before submitting it to the test house
  • test cost reduction
  • reduced time to marke



The TBGPS1 is a universal GPS Receiver providing NMEA data over a USB Virtual COM Port. It was designed primarily to be used for RF coverage measurements together with a Spectrum Analyzer and the EMCview software of Tekbox.


  • Autonomous / assisted GPS receiver
  • Built in LNA for high sensitivity
  • 32 channel acquisition,
  • 12 channel tracking
  • 2 channel capable SBAS
  • -161 dBm sensitivity in acquisition under hot start mode and in tracking mode
  • Fast time to first fix Hot start outdoor: <1 sec @ -130 dBm, indoor: 6 sec @ -150 dBm. Warm Start -33 sec @ -130 dBm, Cold
  • Start: 33 sec typ @ -130 dBm
  • Accuracy of 1.3m outdoor (CEP 50%) and 12.5m (CEP 50%) indoor
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C … + 85°C; 5% to 85% RH


  • General purpose GPS receiver
  • RF coverage measurement with EMCview

User Manual:

TBGPS1 Manual