Coupling De-Coupling Networks

Coupling De-Coupling Networks (CD) are utilised for conducted immunity testing in accordance with IC 61000-4-6.

The TBCDN-Mx series complies with Annex D2 of IC 61000-4-6. It is designed to inject common mode disturbance signals into unscreened AC and DC power supply lines in the frequency range of 150 kHz to 230 MHz.

IC 61000-4-6 immunity tests simulate electrical equipment vulnerability to transmitter signals radiated into the wire harness. The highest voltage is injected by transmitter signals whose frequency coincides with the cable’s resonance frequency. In resonance, cables connected to electrical equipment act as receiving antennas with a common mode impedance of 150 Ohm. Therefore, by using coupling and decoupling networks with 150 common mode impedance, the test setup imitates resonating cables.

CD M-type are used for injecting disturbance voltage into AC or DC supply lines, unscreened lines, unbalanced lines.

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Unscreened AC and DC
power supply lines

EUT supplied with DC or
single phase AC, Line +

EUT supplied with single
phase AC, Line + Neutral
+ Earth

EUT supplied with 3-
phase AC and wired in
Delta configuration

EUT supplied with 3-
phase AC and wired in
Y configuration