TBL0225-2 2uH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network LISN – ECSS-E-ST-20-07C

The TBL0225-2 LISN is a two-paths 50 Ω // 2 µH LISN characterized from 10Hz – 200 MHz. It is based on the standard ECSS-E-ST-20-07C Rev 1. The standard provides the general schematic of the LISN and allows for some flexibility in component values. The TBL0225-2 implementation aims for use in EMC measurements of satellites and spacecraft. The LISN does not have an output for conducted emission measurements; instead, it merely functions as a network for line impedance stabilisation. An RF current monitoring probe is used to measure conducted emissions, according to the standard.

The 2 µH inductor mimics the typical inductance of the supply wire harness in spacecraft or satellites.

The LISN is inserted into the power line and power return line of the EUT.


  • LISN type: V-AMN, 50 Ω // 2 µH
  • Characterized frequency range: 10 Hz – 200 MHz
  • DC Resistance: 100 mΩ per path
  • Maximum current: 25 A continuous
  • Operating voltage range: 0 – 60V DC
  • EUT / SOURCE terminals: 4 mm banana sockets
  • Dimensions: W 260 mm x L 140 mm x H 150 mm
  • Weight: 4.1 kg


  • EMC conducted noise measurements