TBS03 SDI-12 TO USB Converter And Tester

The TBS03 SDI-12 to USB Converter is an Interface for connecting a PC to one or more sensors with an SDI-12 interface. The TBS03 connects to the USB interface and provides SDI-12 compliant supply and data interface. TBS03 is a versatile tool for everyone who designs sensors and data recorders or who installs tests or maintains SDI-12 based data acquisition systems.
It is available in three variants – one option adds auto measurement and SDI-12 interface monitoring capability and another option adds test cases for SDI-12 protocol testing.


  • SDI-12 to USB Interface
  • Transparent Mode
  • Auto-measurement Mode
  • SDI-12 Monitor Mode
  • SDI-12 Tester Mode
  • SDI-12 Standard V1.3
  • Data rate: 19200 Baud
  • Simple Driver Installation
  • USB powered
  • Provides 12V, 120mA sensor supply voltage
  • Auxiliary power supply interface for higher current requirements
  • Spring loaded terminal block
  • Mini-USB-B connector
  • Operating Temperature Range: – 40°C … + 85°C


  • SDI-12 Data Recording
  • SDI-12 Field Installations
  • SDI-12 Interface Debugging
  • SDI-12 Sensor Testing