Environmental Monitoring
Test Equipment



Archive, EOL Products

Archive (EOL) TBCP1-150 RF Current Monitoring Probe

Archive (EOL) TBSHT02 SDI-12 Air Temperature / Humidity Probe

Archive (EOL) TBSHT03 SDI-12 Air Temperature/Humidity

Archive (EOL) TBSHT04 SDI-12 Air Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Archive (EOL) TBSHTP02 SDI-12 Air Temperature / Humidity / Barometric Pressure Probe

Archive (EOL) TBSHTP03 SDI-12 Air Temperature/Humidity/Barometric Pressure Probe

Archive (EOL) TBSHTP04 SDI-12 Air Temperature / Humidity Probe/Barometric Pressure Sensor


TBS02B AND TBS02A-IFB SDI-12 TO Analog Converter Module And Interface Board

TBS02PA SDI-12 Pulse/Analog Interface

TBS08 SDI-12 TO RS232 Slave Interface

TBS09 SDI 12 Master to Modbus Slave Converter

TBS09S Modbus Master to SDI 12 Slave Converter

TBS10 SDI-12 Range Extender

TBSAB02 4+1 CHANNEL 24 Bit Analogue To SDI-12 Interface

TBSAB03 24 Bit Differential Analog to SDI-12 Interface

TBSPT8 SDI-12 8-CHANNEL PT100PT1000 Interface

TBSRGM1 SDI-12 Rain Gauge Module



TBSCS1 SDI-12 Compass / Inclination Sensor

TBSHT05/TBSHTP05 SDI-12 Air Temperature/Humidity/Barometric Pressure

TBSHT06/TBSHTP06 SDI-12 Air Temperature/Humidity/Barometric Pressure

TBSLWS1 SDI-12 Leaf Wetness Sensor

TBSSR1 SDI-12 Pyranometer

TBSST03 SDI-12 Soil Temperature Probe

TBSST04 SDI-12 Soil Temperature Probe

TBSWS1 SDI-12 Anemometer

TBSWV1 SDI-12 Wind Vane

Comb Generators

TBCG1 Radiating Comb Generators

TBCG2 Comb Generator/Frequency Multiplier

TBCG3-CN Comb Generator

TBCG3-RN2 Comb Generator

TBCG3-RN6 Comb Generator


RF Accessories

TBBNC1 BNC Adapter Set

TBCAS1 Coaxial Adapter Set

TBESDT1 2 Ohm ESD Target

TBESDT2 1 Ohm ESD Target

TBGP Roll Up Ground Plane

TBJT01 wideband injection transformer

TBJT02 wideband injection transformer

TBRFH1 RF Housings

TBRFH2 RF Housing

TBRFH3 RF Housing

TBRFH4 RF Housing

TBRFH5 RF Housing

TBRFH6 RF Housing

TBRFH7 RF Housing

TBRFPSX – General purpose 2-way power splitter / power combiners

TBSWR-200K500 50 Ω High Power VSWR Bridge

TBSWR-300K6000 50 Ω General Purpose VSWR Bridge

TBSWR-600K700 50 Ω High Power VSWR Bridge

TBSWR-60K500 50 Ω High Power VSWR Bridge

RF Amplifiers

TBCH Cable Holders

TBMDA-BCI25 Modulated Wideband Power Amplifier

TBMDA-CDN25 Modulated Wideband Power Amplifier

TBMDA5 Modulated Wideband Power Amplifier

RF Current Probes

TBCCP1-2K70 Coaxial RF Current Monitoring Probe

TBCCP1-3K100 Coaxial RF Current Monitoring Probe

TBCCP1-400K600 Coaxial RF Current Monitoring Probe

TBPCP1-20100 RF pulse current monitoring probe

TBPCP2-3070 RF pulse current monitoring probe

TBSCP1-10M500 RF surface current monitoring probe

TBSCP1-5M300 RF surface current monitoring probe

Spectrum Analyzer / EMI Receiver RF input protection

TBAS1 RF Attenuator Set

TBAS2 SMA Attenuator/Termination Set

TBAS3 10W N Attenuator Set

TBAS4 6GHz 2W N Attenuator Set

TBHPF1-150kHz High Pass Filter

TBHPF1-9kHz High Pass Filter